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Lake Worth Water Heater Repair

Is the water heater leaking or not keeping up, or are you ready to upgrade to a tankless water heating system?

water heater installation

Our Lake Worth water heater repair and replacement specialists have the tools, skills, and experience needed to help with any water heater or plumbing-related need. Whether you need emergency repairs to your existing system or are considering upgrading your hot water heater, we can help you understand the cost and energy-saving benefits of the options available.

If you want to update your gas hot water to electric or transition to a tankless style, we can help. However, the installation of a new hot water heater isn’t all we offer. If your existing hot water heater is good and just requires maintenance, minor repairs, or new fittings, we can get you working again in no time. Our water heater repair experts are dedicated to providing cost-saving solutions for your needs and unique situation.

Plumbing doesn’t always cooperate with your schedule, but we do! 24/7, we are on hand for plumbing emergencies such as water heater flooding, overflowing toilets, or dripping faucets that won’t let you sleep. Whatever your plumbing needs, anytime, we are there.

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Electric Water Heater Repair

water heater repair

Whether you have a hot water heater that simply isn’t working, isn’t keeping up with your household’s needs, is leaking, or is ready for replacement, the experts at South Florida Plumbers are just one call away!

Available 24/7, our emergency plumbers and contractors ensure the job is done right, within your budget and timeframe. We promptly respond to your call, analyze the current situation, and provide you with the remediation options available. Depending on the age and type of water heater, we may be able to make minor repairs or adjustments to optimize your flow and improve temperatures.

If you prefer a water heater replacement or your electric water heater is beyond repair, we can assist with installing a new unit. We can help you choose between the different types and brands available. Our experts can help you choose the right water heater to match your family’s needs, household, and budget.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly popular due to the energy savings and consistent flow of hot water. Instead of storing and heating a tank of water for access throughout the home, a tankless water heater heats the water on demand as it passes through the unit.

Tankless water heater installation is ideal for vacation homes or homes with high hot water demand. Our water heater installation experts will discuss all of the different options available to you, explain the benefits of gas water heaters versus electric water heaters, and help you make the most energy—and cost-efficient solution for your home.

Complete Plumbing Services Provider

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As Palm Beach County and Broward County plumbers, we deliver complete plumbing services to West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and all surrounding areas, including Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Hollywood, FL, Lake Worth, Pembroke Pines, Boynton Beach, FL, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Weston, Sunrise, and more.

Our licensed, bonded and insured Florida plumbing professionals provide complete residential and commercial plumbing repair and plumbing services, including:

When you need an experienced plumbing professional, we are available 24 hours a day. With professional service and outstanding support, South Florida Plumbers is on time.

25+ Years of Plumbing Expertise

Boca Raton PlumberDon’t worry, we’ve got this. Over the last 25+ years as South Florida plumbers, we have seen almost every plumbing situation and are prepared to handle yours. We know that plumbing issues are often inconvenient, and you need them fixed as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Whether you are looking to get a leaky pipe repaired or a hot water heater installed or are ready to create your dream Lake Worth bathroom or kitchen, South Florida Plumbers is the right partner for you.

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