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Boynton Beach Septic Tank Repair

Boca Raton Emergency PlumberWhen your toilets start to bubble or even when you detect unwanted toilet odor around your house, it might be time for you to get professional septic tank repair services.

Some people aren’t aware of having a septic tank in their area until they witness symptoms of its wear and tear. Areas, usually rural, without large-scale sewage systems, are usually installed with septic systems instead of maintaining water sanitation. A standard septic system combines man-made technology and natural processes to do the cleansing that urban sewage systems do. It is composed of two main parts: a septic tank (man-made) and a drain field (natural).

Although septic systems can work for years without anyone minding them, they can still be prone to some wreckage, especially because maintaining septic systems isn’t general knowledge. Payless Plumbing can provide you with all the necessary resources, knowledge, and tools in handling all kinds of septic system problems. With years of experience in the plumbing industry, we guarantee that we can carry out fast, professional, and high-quality repair of your septic tank for the fairest of prices. We can’t wait to be your partner!

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Understanding Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are hollow, underwater structures usually made of plastic, fiberglass, or concrete that process wastewater from households into a cleaner product to be dispersed into the soil. They can generally be found in rural areas where there are no city-wide drainage and sewer systems.

How it works

clogged toilet repairWastewater means water contaminated by human use. They can come from residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural places, such as bathroom and toilet facilities or sinks. A septic tank collects wastewater and holds it for some time, just enough for the contaminated solution to settle into a division of three main parts. The scum, which is made of oil and grease, floats on top of everything else. The effluent or the liquid wastewater itself settles in the middle. Lastly, the sludge, which is made of the more solid and heavier waste products, lands on the bottom of the tank.

After the effluent has been separated from the scum and sludge, a t-shaped pipe drains it out into the soil. The soil, rich with natural bacteria, treats the water and absorbs it as a purer form of groundwater.

Most Common Septic Tank Problems

Broken or damaged septic systems can bring all sorts of problems to your place, from having disturbing odor to suffering flooded bathrooms. Some signs of a ruined septic tank are obvious, while some are not. Bad smells won’t always be enough. Listed below are some of the signs that you should call a professional plumber as soon as you can.

1. A strong, repellent odor around your house, especially near the location of your septic tank
2. Green and spongy grass on the drain field even during the dry season
3. Bubbling or gurgling sounds in the plumbing system
4. Drains of sinks, floors, or toilets drain slower than normal
5. Wastewater from drains and toilets flow back
6. Algal blooms in nearby small bodies of water

Here are the most common problems that arise with septic tanks:


commercial plumberThe reason why it is not preferable to drain out small yet solid objects, like tissue or hair, in the drainage system is that they can clog not just the pipes but also the septic tank itself. If too much solid material settles on the tank, wastewater won’t be able to flow out of the structure properly. Activities that involve huge amounts of wastewater at a short period can also cause overwhelmed septic systems.

This problem is the reason why it is important to pump out the sludge and the scum out of the septic tank every one to five years. Pumping out septic tanks is not an easy job. You must consult and seek the service of a professional plumber to clean and pump out the solid wastes in the tank and manage all other possible problems in the structure. Payless Plumbing has all the resources, expertise, and experience needed to make sure that you get the best condition of your septic tank after it has been drained and pumped out.

Tree roots

You might be wondering what plants can do to damage a man-made structure made of fiberglass or concrete. But tree roots can wrap around sewage pipes or even pierce through the walls of the tank if they are strong and mature enough. A professional plumber must handle damaged septic systems.


You can detect leaks if the area around your septic tank has puddles or odd, brightly colored grass.

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Our Boynton Beach, FL company has over 25 years of experience serving different people with various needs and preferences regarding their plumbing systems. We have served both residential and commercial places. Our Boynton Beach plumbers are not only experienced experts, but they are also licensed professionals. We can execute the full set of services needed in septic tank repair and many other kinds of plumbing services. We guarantee that you can receive only the fastest and highest quality of plumbing services from us, all for the friendliest prices. We can’t wait to work with you!

Free Septic Tank Repair Consultation

Boca Raton PlumberAre you feeling a little overwhelmed by the situation of your septic system? Our professional plumbers are not just here to attend to your technical needs. We can also help you think and decide about your plumbing situation. We can start with a professional consultation about your needs and preferences, all for free. It all starts with your call!

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