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Hollywood Dock Plumbing

commercial plumberDocks, whether private or business, bring great value to a property. The best ones come with careful and proper management of the important factors, such as the materials used, the portability, and proper plumbing.

While some people don’t bother installing pipes and clean industrial water to their docks, a plumbing system has the potential to make or break a dockyard. Whether your dock hosts commercial motorboats and yachts or provides a special place for fishing and private leisure, a functional and long-lasting plumbing system can provide it with game-changing perks and privileges.

Payless Plumbing is a top-notch plumbing company serving the good people of Hollywood for over 25 years. We guarantee that we can execute any kind of plumbing service done with the highest quality and fastest performance you can get. We do all sorts of plumbing activities, from repairs, installations, replacements to upgrades, emergency, and consultancy services. With our years of experience serving different clients with different preferences, we are sure that we can provide you with all your dock plumbing system needs at the highest and fastest quality for the fairest of prices in the market.

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Dock Plumbing Considerations

A dock is an outdoor structure placed in a dominantly water-surrounded area. Unlike indoor amenities like tubs, sinks, and toilets, docks have different plumbing requirements. They may not be protected from sunlight twenty-four hours a day, or they may have significantly more exposure to kinetic water. Here are a few factors that we must take into consideration when it comes to constructing a plumbing system for a dock.

Water conditions

The materials used for the body of a dock relies heavily on the characteristic of the connecting body of water. Usually, wood is enough for docks located in freshwater, while it is generally recommended to use aluminum, galvanized steel, and coated structures for saltwater docks. These may also apply to the pipe material that will be used for your dock’s plumbing system. Other considerations include currents and the occurrence of high and low tides. Some water conditions require stronger and thicker materials, especially when your pipes need to be submerged in the body of water.


Docks are not particularly cheap structures. So if you’re planning to attach a plumbing system, make sure to include it already in the total price list. The difference in prices between the various pipe materials, such as galvanized steel pipes or plastic pipes, must be a huge consideration. You must also take note of the distance of the dock to the nearest water supply, especially for saltwater docks. The farther away it is from the water source, the more you should expect to have larger expenses.


A dock’s plumbing system may rely on how the dock will be used. For example, some private docks are installed with their sink and faucets that are used primarily for fishing purposes, such as cleaning and preparing game fish. Others are satisfied with a simple outdoor faucet with an attached water hose.

Top-notch Dock Plumbing System Construction

Whatever needs you may have for your dock plumbing system, we can guarantee that Payless Plumbing can deliver them at the finest quality. Our more than two decades of experience serving hundreds of clients have prepared us to know what kind of service and specifications you will need. We assure you that our company has all the resources, tools, and people required to install any type of plumbing system in any kind of dock, whether it may be residential or commercial. Our set of professional and licensed plumbers can surely give you industry-standard, fast, and committed services for the fairest of fees in the market. We can’t wait to start working with you.

Free Dock Plumbing Consultation

Boca Raton PlumberDeciding which specifications to apply to your dock plumbing system can be an intimidating task. Fortunately, we are more than happy to help you out. Let’s start with a conversation. You can have a free, no-obligation consultation about your place, your dock, and your preferred plumbing system characteristics. It all starts with your call.

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