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Palm Beach County Clogged Pipe Cleaning

Residential Plumber Boca Raton West Palm BeachClogged pipe cleaning is one of the most common plumbing situations in the world. It is also one of the home activities that people do as a DIY project the most, for everyone experiences a clogged pipe every once in a while. It can be an easy task, depending on the situation. But there are times that the problem is too much and DIY just won’t do the job. In such cases, it is best to consult and seek the help of a professional plumber. And our company can offer the best ones in Palm Beach County.

Payless Plumbing has been a top-notch professional plumbing company serving Palm Beach County, FL for more than 25 years. We deliver the full set of services in all kinds of plumbing operations, including clogged pipe cleaning, from the consultation and construction up until repair and maintenance. We deliver our services fast and high-quality at the lowest costs in the market. We can’t wait to work with you!

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Cleaning Clogged Pipes

Emergency PlumberAs a plumbing activity typically done as a DIY job, there are a lot of easy ways to clean a clogged pipe of, say, a sink, or the shower. These are usually enough to remove small objects in the drain and clean the pipes. But, of course, nothing beats professional workmanship. It is still best to call a licensed plumber to clean your clogged pipes so they can also detect if there are more problems in your plumbing system that you weren’t able to notice. Nonetheless, here are a few examples of how to clean pipes using materials available at home.

Using strong liquids and mixtures

Probably the easiest way to remove the blockage and clean pipes is to pour strong, dissolving solutions into it. Perhaps the first thing you can try is the easiest one: boiling water. This is enough to melt out softer objects like tissue and paper. Caustic soda is another easy substance to use because it is ready-made and available in most hardware and grocery stores. It is usually mixed with a little water before pouring it onto the clogged drain and waiting for about 20 minutes.

Another good substance to use is baking soda. Mixing it with salt will produce a stronger substance that’s great for removing drain clogs. Baking soda is also great with vinegar in cleaning a bathtub drain. Pour some onto the drain, place a waterproof stopper on the hole, fill the tub with water, then remove the stopper. The weight and current of the water can drain away objects in the tub drain. Lastly, you can also try using dish detergent. This is effective for greasy and oily objects stuck in the drain. It can also act as a lubricant. Drain it out with boiling water, and it should be fine afterward.

Using mechanical processes

The most famous amateur way to remove pipe clogs is by using a morphed wire hanger. With bare hands, the hanger is bent and straightened out as long as possible. Then, a hook is made on one end to match the curves of the pipes and reach as far as it can. When using a bent hanger in unclogging a pipe, it is important to remember that the goal is not just to push the blockage away but to pull them out so they won’t get stuck anywhere further. Another way to mechanically remove clogs out of pipes is by using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. You can use the vacuum liquids option to dry out the pipes, then use its most powerful setting to drain out objects.

Trust Our Professional Plumbing Services!

commercial plumberRemember that the ways of unclogging pipes mentioned above can only be as effective as they can be. When serious pipe problems show up, it is best to consult someone who knows the job well; and no one better knows these types of jobs than a professional, licensed plumber. Payless Plumbing can surely provide you with the best plumbers in Palm Beach County. Our two and a half decades of experience in the industry can guarantee that we will only give you high-quality services. Homemade tools can be great and thrifty. But in worse scenarios, we have all the resources, tools, and expertise needed to clean and drain out clogged pipes. All we need is for you to explain the situation, and we’ll do the rest.

Free Clogged Piped Cleaning Consultation

Boca Raton PlumberSo what are you waiting for? Hire Payless Plumbing now for all your plumbing needs. We can provide you not just technical assistance, but also consultations about your situation, all for free. Let’s talk about your needs and preferences today. It all starts with your call.

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