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Hollywood Broken Fixture Repair

The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of the house. Everyone normally feeds on three meals per day, which means food preparation is done three times as well. This is why the kitchen consumes energy the most due to all the appliances present in it. On the plumbing aspect, how many times do you use the sink and faucet every day? You’ve lost count, haven’t you?

Now, let’s talk about the toilet and bath. To address people’s comfort, the bathroom is used now and then, so is the lavatory. To observe personal hygiene, the shower or bathtub is utilized for washing up—either once a day, twice, or even more. Frequent use may be the reason why your fixtures get broken. Other underlying reasons include pipe breakage, clogging, poor seals, worn out washers, corroded valves, previous bad repair, etc.

Either way, if you encounter any problems with your plumbing fixtures, don’t hesitate to call a professional from Hollywood! You might not have any idea what’s going on with them.

Instead of experimenting on possible solutions (which may make the situation worse), call for help from residential or commercial plumbers like Payless Plumbing at (754) 226-1588.

Common Plumbing Repair Problems

  1. Boca Raton Emergency PlumberDripping or Damaged Faucets
    You’ve surely seen a dripping faucet right after turning it off. You keep hearing drops of water as they fall on the surface at the bottom. It bothers you all the time, but you don’t know what to do. Obviously, your faucet is broken and needs repair. If you don’t prevent the leakage, hundreds of gallons of lost water will be withdrawn from it. As a result, your water bills will climb higher. You will pay for the water you did not use. Water flows at a significant pressure from the main water line to your home or commercial faucets. To keep water droplets from escaping, a water-tight seal formed by rubber or silicone-based washers acts as a closure as you turn the tap off. Washers have limitations. They become torn and extricate from their proper position over time of faucet use. While you can replace them yourself, it would be best to seek help from professionals who can accurately perform the job. Payless Plumbing has specialized tools that can be used for the repair of dripping or damaged faucets.
  2. Running Toilet
    A good working toilet should flush after pressing or pushing its handle and halt releasing water afterward. If your bathroom does not behave properly; it keeps letting water pass; it’s about time to repair or replace some inner workings. Running toilet takes place when the toilet does not stop the water from running through. When the flapper valve no longer fits correctly, it’s either the fill tube comes loose, or the float gets imbalanced.
  3. Pipe Leaks
    As you do your regular inspection or have someone else do it for you, you will know that you have a leaky pipe when you see a puddle right beneath it or under the sink. Also, know that this problem can be costly. You will notice that leaks usually happen in parts wherein there are joints. Joint fillers and pipe fittings are temporary remedies that can be provided for this kind of problem. For a long-term fix, a permanent plumbing repair that involves the replacement of pipes (with a longer length), or pipe fittings will be efficient.
  4. Drain Clogs
    A plunger might be your hero when it comes to dislodging a drain clog, but it’s just a temporary fix. It does not remove the clog; it only moves it out of the way. Meanwhile, you can also turn to commercial drain cleaners and removers for help. They are safe to use, yet only occasionally. If used often, they can damage some of your pipes down there since they are caustic removers that burn and destroy the passageway of wastewater.
  5. Failure of Water Heater
    Water heaters typically fail due to aging, rusting, and even overheating. A water heater has a standard lifespan of 12 years. With regular maintenance or repair, you can extend the lifespan of your water heaters at home. An upgrade may be considered if your heater has reached its maximum age or in need of drastic repair. Rust also destroys a water heater. A rustic tank cannot be repaired anymore, so to keep it from rusting; you should replace the sacrificial anode rods every 3 to 4 years. You will need to do the replacement more frequently if you use softened water.

If you have no idea how to do it, don’t think twice to call a plumbing expert from Hollywood, FL for help.

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